About Syner-G

Syner-G Professional Suites opened in the Centenary Suburbs in 2010 after owners Glen and Rick wanted to fill a need for small business owners to have a professional workplace close to home. Being both small business owners themselves, they had felt a need to separate the home and work relationship which many home based business owners experience.

Important aspects that the offices needed to meet were to be in close proximity to home to minimize commute times, particularly in peak hour traffic times and the offices needed to be located in a service orientated business estate rather than heavy industrial.

With Glen's extensive 25 years of IT experience, state of the art technologies were able to be seamlessly employed in the offices while exuding an upmarket corporate feel which perfectly suit business consultants and professionals. All tenants have agreed that having Glen's IT expertise permanently onsite complimented and streamlined their business operations from an IT perspective and allowed them to concentrate on their core business operations rather than being distracted by technology glitches and challenges.

The end result are offices which provide flexible tenancy solutions to small dynamic businesses and a synergy of technologies and facilities provides an unbeatable business office solution.